These companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prevent parents from finding out whether or not their baby food has GMOs. Tell them to stop turning babies into lab rats.

Similac, Enfamil, and Gerber Good Start are exposing American and Canadian babies to under-studied GMOs.


Their top-selling products, which combined account for 90 percent of formula sales in the US, contain corn, sugar, and soy—all ingredients, that are highly likely to be genetically engineered.

GMOs have never been proven safe for human consumption and the inadequate research that has been done on GMOs does not look at long term effects in humans, let alone infants.

These companies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to vote down GMO labeling in California in 2012, thus obstructing parents’ right to know whether or not the first food they are feeding their newborns contains GMOs. 

Tell these companies our babies deserve better than GMOs »

Large agribusiness and chemical companies oppose our right to know when foods have GMOs. These are the same companies that put GMOs out on the market without adequate testing – turning us all into lab rats in a giant science experiment.

Green America’s GMO Inside is a campaign dedicated to helping all Americans know which foods have GMOs inside, and the non-GMO verified and organic certified alternatives to genetically engineered foods. We believe that everyone has a right to know what’s in their food and to choose foods that are proven safe for themselves, their families, and the environment.

If you represent an organization or a business that supports a healthy food system that is non-GMO and good for people and the planet, please join the GMO Inside coalition.

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