Every merchant needs access to reliable, cost effective, and accessible payment solutions. But did you know that you can choose a socially responsible payment provider?

Dharma Merchant Services dedicates 50% of all net profits to non-profit organizations to make a positive impact on the world. Dharma also employs sustainable business practices, and runs on wind-powered web hosting from Canvas Dreams. Both Dharma and Canvas Dreams are past winners of our Green Business Leader Award, chosen by our membership. Learn more about Dharma and sustainability.

Dharma has branded their reputation on being a resource for products that facilitate payments in mobile commerce, bricks and mortar stores, web stores, and wholesale/mail order companies. Dharma delivers high touch attention to the needs of its merchants, and is the recommended payment provider for members of the Green Business Network. Switch your payment processing to Dharma today.

Here are some of the benefits of using Dharma Merchant Services for your payment needs:

  • Very low cost “pass-though” pricing with rates for most debit card sales at under ½ of one percent!  (versus 2.75% or even 2.9% from others)
  • Online access to all transaction histories and transaction data at no extra cost
  • Stellar response times to customer support requests and inquiries
  • No monthly minimum fees, annual fees, nor termination fees
  • Commitment to donate 50% of net profits to worthy nonprofits – including to Green America this year. See featured non-profits.
  • Limited time: Free iPhone card swipe readers – a $75 value

Green Festivals and Green America process payments through Dharma, and so do Preserve Products, Organic India Tea, Amazon Watch, Rainforest Action Network, Senator Elizabeth Warren, California Certified Organic Farmers, Indigenous Designs, Sungevity, and thousands of other sustainable and nonprofit companies.

You can also contact the sales team at [email protected]

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