Apparel & Textiles

Green Business Standard

Includes accessories; bags and cloth wraps; bedding; curtains; footwear; table, kitchen and bath linens

Restored & Protected Environment


  • Produced using certified organic, reclaimed/recycled fibers or other sustainable material such as hemp
  • Transparency around animal derivatives
  • Use of eco fabrics; durable, made from post or pre-consumer recycled fibers, processes that do not result in a toxic waste stream, can be readily recycled or composted
  • No genetically- modified cotton


  • Dyes: natural or low-impact; fiber reactive; phosphate-free
  • Water-based adhesives
  • Use recycled clothing from thrift or second-hand stores
  • Use of a green office or facility, including resource reuse and maximum use of post-consumer recycled resources as well as maximum water and energy efficiency This includes storm water management if companies have access to the exterior of their buildings or property.

Social & Economic Justice


  • If using rayon derived from bamboo, no miracle language
  • Commitment to sustainable labor overseas and continuous improvement and transparency in the process
  • Country of manufacture on all products unless everything comes from one country and it is stated clearly on the front page of the website
  • Social and environmental mission and vision statement for your business on its website
  • Sweatshop-free/fair labor; long term relationship with factory manager


  • Labor certifications (such as SA8000, GOTS, FLO)
  • Fair Trade, Union label, or small independent U.S. wholesaler/retailer
  • Represent diversity in body types and offers full spectrum of sizes

Standard Review

This standard was revised in 2015. We held a 45 day public comment period and solicited feedback on the standard from our Certified Green Businesses.

 We also took guidance from the following organizations (does not imply endorsement):

  • Fair Trade Federation
  • Federal Trade Commission (regarding bamboo)
  • Maquila Solidarity Network
  • Organic Cotton Plus
  • Patagonia
Apparel & Textiles

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