Health Services, Yoga & Meditation

Green Business Standard

Includes acupuncture; aromatherapy; counselors; dance/ movement teachers and studios; dentists; massage; salons; therapists; yoga teachers and studios

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Restored & Protected Environment


  • Health and/or wellness services use the greenest medical and cleaning products available.
  • Working towards reducing packaging and ensuring recyclability of packaging.
  • Detailed and responsible procurement policy for evaluating environmental impacts of products.


  • Education or resources for customers on proper use and/or disposal of health or personal care products.

Social & Economic Justice


  • All staff have at least the minimum professional certifications or licensing appropriate to the field as well as senior practitioners on staff.
  • Practices that ensure safety of vitamin and supplement products.
  • Procurement practices and  plan for enforcement that at minimum include prohibitions on child labor, forced labor including forced overtime, unsafe working conditions, and gender and ethnic discrimination.
  • Provides for the needs of those with special needs such as allergies or chemical sensitivity, or those with mental or physical disabilities.


  • Practices that make their services accessible to underserved communities.
  • Reliable education for community on wellness and how it relates to the products and services provided.

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