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Green Business Standard

Includes electronic; manufacturers of containers for recycling; industrial, business, residential; municipal; pick up, residential and commercial services; textile

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Restored & Protected Environment

  • Containers are made of at least 30% post-consumer recycled material or 50% pre-consumer recycled material
  • Broadest array of materials possible recycled
  • Use of a green office or facility, including resource reuse and maximum use of post-consumer recycled resources as well as maximum water and energy efficiency
    This includes storm water management if companies have access to the exterior of their buildings or property.

Social & Economic Justice

  • Only recycle electronics with or as a certified E-Steward
  • Pays a living wage to all staff, particularly for companies that collect and or sort recycling
  • Facilitate domestic re-manufacturing of collected materials
  • Trace collected materials to ensure that they are not incinerated in the US or abroad

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