Green Business Standard

Includes magazines; books; posters; printers; paper makers and brokers

All standards required unless specified.

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Restored & Protected Environment

  • Forest Stewardship Council certification for entire business or at least 50% of the papers used in the business
    Note that Green America does not view the Scientific Forestry Initiative as a valid certification for products or processes.
  • Offer recycled options for all products, from signage to business cards
  • 80% of inks used are vegetable-oil or water based
  • Exclusive use of water-miscible, low VOC solvents
  • Participates in ink refill or container take back program for all printers
  • Detailed and responsible waste management procedures for all electronics, ink and solvent / cleaning solution containers that cannot be repaired or re-used
  • Efficiency standards in place, e.g. job sequencing, inventory control, in house designers who help clients maximize use of standard paper formats

Social & Economic Justice

  • If company employs more than 10 staff and not have union representation for its workers, information on its website on staff benefits
  • No unresolved OSHA complaints
  • Emphasis on local hiring
  • Discounts for clients that reflect the company’s values (preferred)

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