Dry Cleaning

Green Business Standard

Includes commercial and residential; wet cleaning

This standard applies only to companies that clean apparel and textiles using dry or wet cleaning technologies. For the standard that applies to laundromats, please see Cleaning Services.

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  • Allowed chemical processes
    • Professional wet cleaning
    • Liquid carbon dioxide/D5
  • Chemical process not allowed
    • PERC (perchloroethylene)
    • Hydrocarbon
    • Liquid silicone
    • DF2000
  • Brand names of the above include
    • PureDry
    • GreenEarth
    • EcoSolve
    • Shell Solution
    • 140 HT
    • Stoddard

Other issues to consider, outside of the general green business practices expected of Certified Green Businesses on our standards home page.


  • Take back metal hangers for reuse or recycling
  • Does not advertise itself as organic


  • Offer reusable plastic sleeves
  • Not located in or under housing/ residential properties
  • Other detergents used are GreenSeal certified

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