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Green Business Standard

Includes advertising across media; campaigning, campaign production, canvassing; graphic design; legal services; lobbying; media production for commercial purposes; organizing, home and business; social media; writing and translating

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Restored & Protected Environment


  • Content or focus of work is around sustainability or social justice
  • Use of a green office or facility, including resource reuse and maximum use of post-consumer recycled resources as well as maximum water and energy efficiency


  • Can talk knowledgeably to clients about how clients can increase their environmental sustainability; examples include using environmentally responsible paper, inks, office products, etc.; reducing waste; and conserving energy.

Social & Economic Justice


  • Does not engage in green-washing or “paid for blogging” (misrepresenting itself as “passionate customer” of client)
  • Does not knowingly engage in misrepresentation of client products and company information
  • Discussion of green values and benefit/advantage on website
  • At least 50% of revenues must come from sustainable businesses or nonprofit organizations


  • A clear statement of ethics on website
  • Pro-bono work offered for community organizations
  • Has list of recommended green businesses for clients/customers for variety of services

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