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Two More Grocery Chains Say No to Frankenfish

When the FDA called for comment last year on genetically engineered salmon, over one million letters poured in to oppose "AquAdvantage" frankenfish. But Safeway and Kroger aren't waiting on the FDA.


The nation's two biggest grocery store chains are staying away from GE salmon.

If the FDA approves it, AquaBounty's GE fish will be the first genetically engineered animal permitted for human consumption. Safeway and Kroger join peers like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Meijer and Aldi, along with dozens of other grocery stores that won't carry the salmon.

"Today's announcement by major grocery retailers makes it even more clear that there is no demand for GE salmon," Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch, said in a statement. "It's time for the FDA to deny the application for this unsustainable and unnecessary new genetically engineered food."

What's wrong with GE fish? Michelle Schoffro Cook writes at Care2:

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet given its approval for the GM salmon, and there is speculation that it has not done so because so many consumers look unfavorably on the altered fish. Three years ago I wrote “New Frankensalmon May Invade US,” and the FDA was debating at that time whether or not to approve the salmon as a “new animal drug.”  Using this label, the FDA created its own loophole allowing the advisory committee that evaluated the salmon’s safety to be made up primarily of veterinarians and animal scientists, not food safety experts or ecologists.  That has many consumers, environmentalists, and nutritionists concerned.

Worse than that, the safety data used by the FDA to determine whether the GM salmon is safe for human consumption was provided by the company that stands to profit from its commercialization.  Does anyone else think that is both a conflict of interest and corrupt?

If it is approved, the genetically-modified salmon will not need to be labeled, although a New York Times/CBS poll showed that 87% of people want GM-foods labeled. AquaBounty, the creator of this so-called food, claims that it isn’t possible for the GM-salmon to cross with wild salmon, but not everyone agrees. Their financial interests may make it difficult for them to be impartial.

Get more information on the risks of GMOs and actions you can take at Green America's GMO Inside campaign.

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