Wednesday, 20 November 2013 15:07

These 4 Corporations Spent Millions To Block GMO Labeling

With millions spent by corporations to defeat it, the I-522 campaign in Washington State to label GMOs fell short of the needed votes. Find out which companies spent the most to block your right to know.

The vote was 54.8% opposed to labeling and 45.2% in favor of it.

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson succeeded in forcing the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) to disclose which companies contributed to funding their "No on 522" campaign -- which would block labeling of GMOs in Washington.

Using his subpoena power, something that wasn't available to the moms and activists who filed the original complaint against the GMA, Ferguson uncovered strong evidence that the GMA intentionally side-stepped Washington state election law that requires groups raising money for a specific political campaign to reveal their donors.

Now we know which food companies are spending the most to block your right to know:

1) Pepsico -- $1,620,899
2) Nestle -- $1,052,743
3) Coca-Cola -- $1,047,332
4) General Mills -- $598,819

The campaign may be over, but we're still sending on signatures to these companies to demand they they stop spending their profits to fight against disclosure of the ingredients in their food.

Find the full list of companies here. Get the latest updates on our work against GMOs at

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