Wednesday, 17 August 2011 18:55

Barbie’s Dream House Gets a Green Makeover

What would it look like if the plastic home of enduring iconic doll Barbie, her male counterpart and companion Ken, and decades of childhood imagination were to get a green makeover? That’s the question asked by The American Institute of Architects(AIA), and together with Mattel, they have unveiled the winning entry in a contest to build Barbie an eco-friendly Dream House.

The winners, Harvard graduates Ting Li and Maja Paklar, drew up plans for a house with solar panels, bamboo flooring, a low-flow toilet and sink fixtures, a roof greenhouse, a landscaped garden, and more, that would use locally sourced materials.

While there are no plans to actually build the house as either a toy or actual mansion, the project will promote the launch of Architect Barbie and “engage and inspire young girls to experience the world of architecture and the range of possibilities that design thinking offers,” according to AIA President Clark Manus.

The announcement was only a month after Greenpeace launched a campaign in which Barbie got dumped by Ken, to bring awareness to Mattel's packaging, supplied in part by Asia Pulp Paper, which they report sources materials from Indonesia's depleting rainforest.

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