Wednesday, 19 December 2012 22:45

Calvert Foundation 2012 Social Impact Report

Calvert Foundation released their 2012 Social Impact Report. With more than $184 million in loans to more than 200 organizations working in 80 countries, Calvert has played a leadership role in meeting needs for community investing capital.

Calvert Foundation began lending in 1995, with a mission to maximize the flow of capital to disadvantaged communities in order to create a more equitable and sustainable society. Their impact work is currently supported by 7,200 investors who have received 100% repayment even during challenging economic times. Investors purchase Community Investment Notes to support causes such as affordable housing, microfinance, jobs, and education.

Every year, Calvert aggregates and analyzes social performance data to determine the impact for each organization and focus area receiving investment.

The 2012 Social Impact Report breaks down how Calvert’s capital has improved communities, featuring targeted investing opportunities like the Women Investing in Women Initiative and Green Strategies to Fight Poverty. Calvert’s impact work includes:

  • Supporting 90,507 patient visits to health care centers
  • Housing 2,022 people in affordable developments
  • Financing 542 small businesses, including 307 women-owned businesses
  • Delivering microloans to 48,407 recipients in developing nations
  • Investing in cooperatives to support 5,135 Fair Trade farmers

Calvert Foundation is a collaboration between Calvert Investments, Inc., the socially responsible mutual fund company, and the Ford, MacArthur, and Mott Foundations.

Read Calvert’s 2012 Social Impact Report (PDF)

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