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$250,000 Award Goes to

marty-metro150Chase Bank and recently announced the winners of their Mission: Small Business grant.  After 70,000 small businesses applied and over 3 million consumers voted, (UCB) came out on top as one of twelve companies to win $250,000.


UCB takes an innovative approach to providing low-cost, earth-friendly moving boxes. They save truckloads of quality used boxes from large companies that might otherwise recycle them or simply throw them away, then resell the boxes that meet their quality standards to customers. They recycle the remaining boxes and strive to be a zero-waste company.

Founder and CEO Marty Metro said, "UCB is super-thankful to Chase Bank, Living Social and the Mission: Small Business program for deeming our eco-friendly reuse company worthy of a $250,000 grant. We look forward to using that money to help large companies make more money by not recycling or landfilling… and help other companies (and consumers) save more money by embracing reuse.”

mission-small-business300UCB offered a sneak peak of their plans for the Mission: Small Business grant.They will:

  1. HIRE passionate people and open more box sorting facilities, nationwide.
  2. PURCHASE millions more quality used boxes from many of the largest US manufacturers, for MORE than the recycling rate (keeping them out of the recycling stream and landfills).
  3. PROVIDE existing and new clients quality used boxes for LESS than new ones (major retailers, distributors, discount outlets, thrift organizations, liquidators, recyclers and exporters.)
  4. ENHANCE the technology and online reporting tools that allow UCB suppliers and customers to monitor their success in how people are using the service(s) and positive impacts on keeping boxes out of the  landfills.

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