Tuesday, 17 July 2012 21:28

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Devra Davis Win Green America’s BEA Awards

Green America selected the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC) for the 2012 Building Economic Alternatives Award, recognizing the CSC’s work in protecting consumers from toxins in personal care products. Dr. Devra Davis also received a Lifetime Achievement for her groundbreaking work on the link between cell phone radiation and brain cancer.

Each year, Green America honors an organization or individual whose work has exemplified the best of the green economy, based on the topics featured in the Green American Magazine over the past year.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition effort launched in 2004 to protect human health by securing the corporate, regulatory, and legislative reforms necessary to eliminate dangerous chemicals from personal care products. The Campaign works with over 100 endorsing organizations, including Green America.

Over the years, CSC’s research and reports have significantly contributed to change in the cosmetics industry, including Johnson & Johnson’s decision in 201 to phase out formaldehyde-releasing chemicals from its baby products worldwide.

“We’re truly honored to receive this award from Green America,” said Lisa Archer, Director of CSC. “Shifting to safer chemicals will benefit everyone by stimulating innovation of the safe, nontoxic products that the world market is demanding.”

Dr. Devra Davis is the founder of the nonprofit Environmental Health Trust, which works to reduce the human health impacts from “controllable environmental risks,” including asbestos, chemicals in consumer products, smoking, and now, cell phone radiation.

According to Davis, the cellular industry has allocated $250 million to discredit the World Health Organization after it declared cell phone radiation to be a potential carcinogen in 2011, putting it in the same category as lead, jet fuel exhaust, and DDT. “Scientific evidence has become stronger, government action is shifting, and those willing to speak out are growing. But it’s tough for a small nonprofit to fight a $250 million battle, which is why I’m so grateful to Green America for this award,” she said.

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