Thursday, 20 February 2014 19:42

Support EPA's New Carbon Caps

We need your help to fight carbon pollution! Sign on to this Business Leaders' Letter to support the EPA's efforts to limit carbon pollution from future power plants.

This past fall, the EPA proposed new carbon pollution standards for not-yet-constructed power plants in an effort to reduce carbon pollution in the atmosphere.

The agency has been successful regulating soot and mercury emitted from industrial sources through the Clean Air Act, and the fight to do the same with carbon pollution is underway.

The EPA is now accepting feedback on the new carbon pollution standards. Your voice is needed to support carbon caps on new power plants! Your support will help the EPA to finalize the regulations for new power plants, as well as to take the next step- regulating carbon from existing power plants.

This business leaders' letter is available from our colleagues at the American Sustainable Business Council - please sign-on today!

With your help, we can work to limit climate change, and mitigate long-term costs to public health, our environment, and the economy. Thank you.

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