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Top 5 Highlights From 2013

Check out the top 5 highlights from 2013! See a year of progress for a greener economy and a more just and sustainable world.

All year long, our members and you have used the power of green living, purchasing, and investing decisions to shift from the old, failing economy to a new, green economy. A big thank you goes to all of you for sharing our green-living resources with others, and working with us on our green economy campaigns for clean energy, sustainable food, responsible finance, and fair labor.

1.  Take Charge of Your Card Campaign

GMO InsideIn November, we kicked off  our Take Charge of Your Card campaign with a special panel discussion at the San Francisco Green Festival on how to harness the economic power of our credit cards to advance the green economy.

Because credit cards are so profitable, our choice of which bank to use to provide credit-card services makes a huge difference in the world! Our newest campaign points you toward the top ten community development credit cards, to replace credit cards that are funding mega-bank abuses.  Credit cards are very profitable to banks -- so kick the Wall Street mega-banks in their assets by moving your credit cards to community development banks.

Take our quiz, to learn more about which mega-banks are funding mountaintop removal coal mining, the KXL pipeline, and ballooning CEO pay.  Then share our campaign with everyone you know who would prefer to use a credit card from a bank or credit union with a mission to lift up local communities. Take Charge of Your Card  »

2.  No GMOs, Cheerios!

No GMOsIn October, our GMO Inside campaign published the real corporate responsibility report for General Mills. We flunked them for the hypocrisy of providing GMO-free products for Europe while pouring millions into the fight against GMO labeling in the US. Thanks to the waves we're making in the food industry, look for some big non-GMO commitments in 2014!

Our ongoing campaigns call out GMO use by Dean Foods, Chobani, and others; our Cheerios campaign has been one of our most successful. As the #1 breakfast cereal in America (often fed to babies!) Cheerios has a responsibility to live up to its wholesome, all-natural image. 

We've worked hard this year and will continue to push big corporations to label the GMOs in their products, and ultimately to stop using genetically modified ingredients. No GMOs, Cheerios! »

3.  Better Paper for Magazines

Better PaperIn April, our Better Paper Project, achieved a victory when National Geographic finally admitted the environmental benefits of using recycled paper (after years of denials). Now we're keeping the pressure on until recycled paper rolls of their presses. Thanks to our work to get magazines to switch to recycled paper, look for some big announcements from major publishers in 2014. We'll continue to guide National Geographic and other magazines toward better paper in 2014.

When we lose forests, we lose their ability to filter water, provide habitat for thousands of species, trap carbon, and provide fresh air. That's why our Better Paper Project works to guide publications onto recycled paper -- and away from cutting virgin forests. Our Better Paper Project »

4.  Pushing Godiva to go Fair Trade

Clean Energy Victory BondsIn March, our Fair Trade program succeeded in getting our demands met for a detailed plan from Hershey on transitioning to a cocoa supply chain free from child labor. Last year, Hershey promised to certify its cocoa as free from abusive child labor. Our Fair Trade director, Elizabeth O'Connell, has spoken with Hershey several times this year, checking in to ensure the company is on track to meet its goals. We won Hershey's commitment, but it's not real until there's an actual plan, with verifiable measures.We'll continue to keep the pressure on Hershey.

Plus, we're pushing more chocolate companies to go Fair Trade. The high-end chocolatier Godiva has been earning increasing profits in recent years with its expanded product line (Godiva-covered Oreos; Godiva-coated pretzels), but still refuses to certify its supply chain. We say that no West African child should suffer to produce an American child's chocolate snacks. Tell Godiva to go Fair Trade »

5.  Get the "F" (Fossils!) Out

Green AmericanWe kicked off 2013 with a special issue of the Green American all about the fossil-fuel divestment movement now taking hold in cities and universities across the country. We joined forces with the emerging climate divestment movement, bringing the full expertise and experience of our Climate Action and Social Investing programs together. And we've continued with that work all year long, producing fossil-fuel divestment resources for individuals looking to re-invest in the clean-energy economy.




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