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Join Us at WDC Green Festival

Join us at the Washington, DC Green Festival Sept. 21-22, for business seminars on raising investor capital and inspiring trends in the green economy. Plus visionary keynotes, workshops, the green marketplace, eco fashion, good food, and fun!
The Washington, DC Green Festival returns to the Washington Convention Center September 21-22, 2013. The nation's largest and most diverse sustainability event is DC's most trusted place for learning, shopping and having fun! New features include an expanded Good Food Stage, Exhibitor Demonstration Area, and the exhibitor-fueled Eco-Fashion Reveal.


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DC Green Festival is renowned for its rich and inspiring keynote presentations, workshops, demonstrations, visual installations and interactive fun. This year's festival features the Exhibitor Demo Area, where green businesses will tell their company's story, engage the audience to show their products at work, and gain valuable, direct customer feedback.

For last chance booths, visit the Green Festivals Exhibitor Page or call 828-333-9403 ext. 300.

Join us for featured programming from Green America. Discover how the green economy has boomed over the past decade. Watch a live pitch session with investors and find out what they're looking for to be inspired to give your business capital. Get the latest on GMOs, responsible credit cards, and ethical sourcing. Check out these sessions:

Green Business Seminars:
The Big Green Opportunity: Discover the Secret Success Story of the Green Economy

misha-2012-photo-150Misha D. Clive, Communications & Marketing Manager, Green America's Green Business Network
SATURDAY, Sept. 21 | 2 pm

What's the secret green success story behind the economic downturn? Find out how small businesses and conscious consumers are transforming the way America does business. Whether it's organic food, green building, hybrids, or Fair Trade, GREEN is IN. The findings of our groundbreaking study will help you shift to green, face business challenges, or launch a new green business.


Pitching to Investors: A Behind the Scenes Look

ian150Ian Fisk, Executive Director, William James Foundation
SUNDAY, Sept. 22 | 1 pm

Are you a green business looking for equity investment to grow? Come hear from professional investors on what they are really looking for. Watch companies pitch to investors. Then go "behind the scenes" as the traditionally private debrief is held for all to see, sharing what investors liked and didn't like. A partnership with the William James Foundation.

Featured Presentations:
Inside GMOs: A Survivor’s Guide

alisa150Alisa Gravitz, President, Green America
SATURDAY, Sept. 21 | 1 pm

Large agribusiness and chemical companies oppose our right to know when foods have GMOs. These same companies put GMOs on the market without adequate testing – turning us all into lab rats. Hear from experts on how you can influence the country’s largest food companies to get GMOs out of our food chain and learn more about state-wide labeling initiatives.

Do You Wear FAIR?

liz150Elizabeth O’Connell, Campaigns Director, Green America
SATURDAY, Sept. 21 | 12 pm

Since the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh this April, consumers and businesses alike have been faced with the question of how to ensure their products are made responsibly. Come learn from three Green Business Network members about their own sourcing decisions, and how to support more ethical production processes.



Take Charge of Your Credit

fran150Fran Teplitz, Director, Social Investing and Policy; Todd Larsen, Director, Corporate Responsibility Programs, Green America
SATURDAY, Sept. 21 | 11 am

Does your credit card harm people and the planet? Millions of Americans have moved their money from megabanks to local credit unions and banks. But what about your megabank credit cards? Every charge you make supports fossil fuels, polluters, and consumer abuses. Find a card that supports the causes you value with all the benefits of a megabank card.



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