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Nominations Open: $5,000 People & Planet Awards by Apr. 4

Nominations are open for the next round of the People & Planet Awards! Is your business innovating in building a sustainable food system? Apply today to win $5,000.

Green America is proud to launch the fourth seasonal round of our People & Planet Awards, which will complete our first year-long cycle of awarding 12 innovative leaders of the green-business movement.

The People & Planet Award from Green America recognizes businesses for their dedication to a green economy: a bottom line that includes protecting workers, communities, and the environment. Seasonally, we award three $5,000 cash prizes in a range of green-business categories, such as clean energy and local community action.

This spring, we'll be honoring green businesses that take extraordinary steps to build a sustainable food system; between now and April 4, we’re collecting nominations.

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Tell us both how your business is a general sustainability leader and  how you're advancing a local, organic, and GMO-free food system. Food growers, manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and servers are all eligible.

From the nominations, our panel of green business experts will select 10 finalists.  We’ll share the stories of the finalists, and conduct a run-off vote for three winners who will each receive a prize of $5,000. We’ll announce the sustainable food winners at the beginning of summer. See our gallery of previous winners.

Nominate your business to win $5,000 »

Good luck to all of the nominees! And congratulations to our winners of the People & Planet Award for outstanding leadership in zero waste. Check them out below.

Winners of the People & Planet Award in Zero-Waste

This round of the Awards focused on green businesses that have a strong commitment to creative recycling and waste management. Meet the winners:

Raleigh, NC

CompostNow247x247CompostNow is a weekly doorstep pick-up service allowing households to divert their food scraps and compostable waste, creating nutrient-rich soil for home and community gardens. As of February 2013, CompostNow and its community had intercepted 50,000 lbs. of compostable waste, producing 25,000 lbs. of compost. CompostNow intends to use the award money to branch out into other North Carolina cities.





Hummingbird Wholesale
Eugene, OR 

HummingbirdWholesale247x247In addition to their robust container return-and-reuse program, Hummingbird Wholesale pursues zero-waste with their clean and green bike delivery system. "Our prize money will buy us a second electric bike cart, doubling our bike delivery capacity," says Kristie Steele of Hummingbird Wholesale. "Making local deliveries via bike pays off in cleaner air, fun and healthy work, and ongoing inpiration for our co-owners and community."





Waltham, MA

Toothbrush247x247Preserve manufactures plastic personal care products out of 100-percent recycled #5 plastic, rescuing thousands of yogurt containers, lip-balm tubes, Brita filters, and other toss-away items from the landfill. Preserve will be using the prize money to help find and reward upcoming winners of the company's own Local Heroes of Recycling contest. “We are thrilled to be able to pay it forward,” says Preserve CEO Eric Hudson.





Congratulations to our additional Winter 2013 Finalists:

American Textile & Supply, Contra Costa, CA

First World Trash, Queens, NY

Green Citizen, San Francisco, CA

Grounds for Change, Poulsbo, WA

Repurposed Materials, Denver, CO 

Stay Vocal, Norwell, MA

Urban Ore, Berkeley, CA 

Click to see all past winners.

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