Tuesday, 12 March 2013 20:05

Keep Moving Forward on Climate and Against KXL

The Forward on Climate Rally was the largest ever to call for urgent climate action! But President Obama still needs to hear from businesses who oppose the dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline.

gbn-kxl-rally2Green America members (both local, and from as far away as North Carolina and Florida) gathered at our office in the morning of the February 17 rally to warm up and head out together. We joined tens of thousands who came out for this historic event, calling on President Obama to live up to his climate promises and stop the Keystone XL pipeline. Check out reflections on the rally from Green America policy director Fran Teplitz.

But the State Department's most recent environmental impact statement found that the pipeline was "unlikely to have a stubstantial impact" on the tar sands or the climate. The Department disregarded warning cries from some of America's leading climate scientist about the dangers of this project.

President Obama still hasn't announced his decision on the pipeline. Keep the pressure on --- your business voice is needed to oppose Keystone XL.

Contact the White House:
CALL: 202-456-1111
E-MAIL: White House contact form
WRITE: The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

We can make a US clean-energy economy a reality by refusing to invest in companies that are destroying our planet. Instead, we can shift our investment dollars into clean energy, and support public policies that move us away from fossil fuels.

Green America is proud to partner with 350.org on the national Go Fossil Free divestment campaign and promote members of our Green Business Network® that can help you divest from fossil fuel companies and invest in fossil-free options. Learn more at our blog.

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