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Nominations Open for People & Planet $5,000 Awards by Jan. 11

Nominations are open for our first People & Planet Award of 2013 for innovative green businesses that excel in zero-waste. If you're a leader in reducing, reusing, and recycling, apply by Jan. 11 to win $5,000.

pandp175wThanks again to all who voted in our two 2012 rounds of our new People & Planet Award, and congratulations again to our three fall winners: City Roots, Clean Currents, and Third Sun Solar. Together, we're highlighting the most exciting and innovative green businesses, providing inspiration for people and businesses everywhere.

For this awards round, we're looking to spotlight and reward the most innovative green businesses that have taken steps to significantly reduce their waste, reuse materials, and advance responsible recycling.

Nominate your business to win a $5,000 People & Planet Award »

Your business may be a leader in targeting a zero-waste production process for your products. Maybe you have found a creative way to up-cycle waste materials into new products for sale. Or you could be a service provider -- like a Fair Trade cafe or green hotel -- that has instituted innovative waste management strategies for the company's operations.

The best nominees will be those that have combined a number of strategies for reducing their waste footprint.

Thanks to a very generous Green America donor, the People & Planet Award provides three $5,000 prizes each quarter to deserving small businesses to advance their green principles. For example, our fall winners used their prizes for projects like increasing fuel efficiency, establashing a composting program, and installing solar energy via Habitat for Humanity.

The deadline for submitting your nomination is 5PM EST on Friday, January 11. Nominate your business to win a $5,000 prize.

Nominate your business to win a $5,000 People & Planet Award »

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