Wednesday, 19 December 2012 23:15

Fall Green Festivals Take Off

The fall Green Festivals were packed with excitement and inspiration as tens of thousands of attendees in San Francisco and Los Angeles celebrated at the nation’s biggest party with a purpose. Check out some great videos and media coverage to experience the events.

Mother Nature Network posted their wrap-up of the LA Green Festival, highlighting some of the popular exhibitors. The Progressive featured Green Festival speaker Sandra Fluke and her GF panel, “Women and Girls Leading US Forward.”

And check out Green Festival in Greatist’s list of the “38 Best Healthy and Happy Festivals.” They describe GF as “(providing) people with information they need to make their lives healthier socially, economically, and environmentally.”

The Green Business Stage in LA and SF featured seminars on topics critical to business success and the growth of the green economy. Michael C. Busch of 8 Factors held a standout session on financing to an overflowing audience in San Francisco – look out for an opportunity to experience this session as a webinar early next year.

One of the most inspirational presentations came from representatives of Ashoka’s Youth Venture in San Francisco. Four driven young social entrepreneurs spoke to how they created businesses to transform, uplift, and serve their communities. Read about their experiences at the Ashoka blog.

Experience the festival through these videos by Trim Tab Media. Hear from exhibitors about what it’s like to be a part of the nation’s premier sustainability event. Learn how Green Festival walks the talk with leadership in greening operations. And find out about the Ford Community Green Grant.


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