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Join Us at Green Business Seminars in San Francisco

Join us at the San Francisco Green Festival, Nov. 10-11 for Green Business Seminars. Gain expert advice and tools for financing, marketing, developing your web and social media presence, and greening your business from the inside out. Seminars are FREE to all members.

Green America’s Green Business Network will offer Green Business Seminars on Nov. 10-11 at the San Francisco Green Festival. Whether you are an established green business or just starting your sustainability journey—you'll find tools and resources here. Get inspired and gain the tools you need to succeed!

Join us for a weekend of business programming at the Green Business Pavilion at the Green Festivals. Network with members, meet Green Business Network staff, and learn from industry pioneers.

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San Francisco Green Business Seminars | Saturday Nov. 10

12:00 PM
The Case for B Corp Certification and Benefit Corporations

Explore how Benefit Corporations and the B Lab Certification impact the California business community. Find out how you can become a Benefit Corporation under the new CA law with tips on the legal structure. We will also review the  new SF legislation that gives preferences to B Corporations. Find out how the Green America’s Green Business Certification can be used to become a CA Benefit Corporation.


Alix Davidson
Green Business Network


David Brodwin
American Sustainable Business Council


Alexia Marcous
Dharma Merchant Services



Danielle Cresswell
Klean Kanteen



Jonathan Storper
Hanson Bridgett LLP

1:00 PM
Building Real Green Jobs in Bay Area

The green job revolution materialized for some, but not for the most disadvantaged.Come hear the strategies these organizations have created to provide work, jobs and training for youth and adults in the clean energy sectors. And learn more about the strategies we still need, to make all green jobs 'high-road' and a career and pathway to the middle class.


Tara Marchant
Oakland Council for
Emerald Cities Bay
Area Collaborative


Jodi Pincus
Rising Sun Energy


Doria Robinson
Urban Tilth


Akeele Carter
Solar Richmond





Paul Camner
Green America Exchange

2:00 PM
Green America Exchange: The Untapped Wealth of Your Community

Experience how the Green America Exchange, the first trade network for green businesses, can help you get what you need without spending your cash. A powerful economic potential that can positively impact your business, employees and the green business community. Come and learn how to use the new trade exchange. The ability to build a green dollar is finally here!


Michael C. Bush
8 Factors

3:00 PM
Creative Ways to Raise Capital: Building a Lasting Green Business

Raising capital is hard and can be even more difficult for non-traditional businesses with multiple bottom-lines. This session will explore creative ways to fund and scale a mission-driven business.  Facilitated by a business leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years of management experience, Bush has helped thousands of business owners improve and grow their businesses.


Jonah Mytro
Green Deals


Alix Davidson
Green Business Network

4:00 PM
Grow Your Sales and Earn Your Green Business Certification

Get the tools that Green America’s Green Business Network provides small businesses in marketing and business services. Sign onto GreenDeals, the Groupon for greenies, and build sales this holiday season.  Learn how to earn Green America’s Green Business Certification, the most trusted seal that sets your business apart from competitors and brings more customers to your door.


Nayelli Gonzalez
Saatchi & Saatchi S

5:00 PM
Role Models and Innovations:  How Businesses Can Engage Latinos in Sustainability


Learn about cutting edge research and case studies on how businesses have engaged Latinos around sustainability and opportunities to engage this growing demographic in the future.

Saatchi & Saatchi S will delve into learnings for businesses from The Myth of the Sleeping Giant: Latinos in the U.S. and Sustainability Engagement.

San Francisco Business Seminars | Sunday Nov. 11


Brian Ball
Women’s Online Media/Education Network (W.O.M.E.N.)

12:00 PM
The Green Media Way: Grow Visibility & Leads Using Audio & Video

A fast-paced talk on harnessing the power of the web-based tools and social media to increase brand-awareness, cultivate organic discussion and excite newcomers.  Discover the many different solutions for broadcasting audio and video on the web and through the vast social networks and make sure your message is reaching the right audience. Sharing his wit and skill derived from working with AudioAcrobat®, a web-based audio/video/podcasting solution providing streaming/downloadable content.

1:00 PM
How Business HUBS are Building the Local Green Economy

See how HUBS and local networks of business entrepreneurs build strong local economies. Witness the design and evolution of business trends inside the model as well as see first –hand the best practices for reaching deep sustainability and how to get involved.

Tim Nichols
HUB Bay area


Lisa Chacon
HUB Oakland


Konda Mason
Hub Oakland

2:00 PM
Youth Powered Revolution:  Movement Building and Eco-preneurship

Come get inspired by the next generation of social entrepreneurs! Hear from Youth Venture Bay Area alumni who are leading innovative change in their communities. Youth Venture provides youth with mentorship, training and financial resources to launch their own social enterprises.   Don’t miss this opportunity to meet youth creating and leading sustainable solutions from hip hop to healthy food!


Gino Pastori-Ng
Ashoka's Youth
Venture SF Bay Area


Jhamel Robinson
United Roots Youth
Arts and Media Center


Sharlana Turner
Farm Fresh Catering


Julio Madrigal
EAT GRUB (Enhancing
Access to Gardens and
Revolutionizing Urban Backyards)




Misha Hedges
Trim Tab Media

3:00 PM
Story Telling for Sustainable Brands

Stories are how humans connect with one another. Telling stories about your staff, customers, practices, and offerings helps connect you with your customers and supporters in a more meaningful way. Sustainable brands can utilize video storytelling to build strong relationships with their customers and gain their trust and support, which leads to increased market share, sales and success.


Ahmed Rahim
Numi Organic Tea

4:00 PM
Inner City Vision: Sustainable Models through Entrepreneurship, Green Business & Collaboration

Three visionaries are developing new models and frameworks for building sustainable communities. Hear from ACTION Oakland’s new collaborative model and how Inner City Advisor’s cutting edge work is uplifting green businesses  through new funding models.  See how People's Community Market's vision/strategy is impacting health, job creation and social cohesion in West Oakland.  Plus learn how the emerging community financing movement lets people invest in mission-driven companies and local communities.


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