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Join Us at Green Business Seminars in Los Angeles

Join us at the Los Angeles Green Festival, Nov. 17-18 for Green Business Seminars. Gain expert advice and tools for financing, marketing, developing your web and social media presence, and greening your business from the inside out. Seminars are FREE to all members.

Green America’s Green Business Network will offer Green Business Seminars on Nov. 17-18 at the Los Angeles Green Festival. Whether you are an established green business or just starting your sustainability journey—you'll find tools and resources here. Get inspired and gain the tools you need to succeed!

Join us for a weekend of business programming at the Green Business Pavilion at the Green Festivals. Network with members, meet Green Business Network staff, and learn from industry pioneers.

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Los Angeles Green Business Seminars | Saturday Nov. 17


Brian Ball
Women’s Online Media and Education Network (W.O.M.E.N.)

12:00 PM
The Green Media Way: Grow Visibility & Leads Using Audio & Video

A fast-paced talk on harnessing the power of the web-based tools and social media to increase brand-awareness, cultivate organic discussion and excite newcomers. Discover the many different solutions for broadcasting audio and video on the web and through the vast social networks and make sure your message is reaching the right audience.

Ball will share his wit and skill derived from working with AudioAcrobat®, a web-based audio/video/podcasting solution providing streaming and downloadable content.

1:00 PM
Youth Empowered Ventures that Work

This entrepreneurial vision and operations has powerful impact where youth are changing their communities through social enterprise. Homegirl Café & Catering, a division of Homeboy Industries, is a social enterprise assisting recently incarcerated and formerly gang-involved youth to become contributing community members. Through the motto “grow, prep, serve,” employees are taught the process of growing, prepping, serving good food.

HomeGirl was the recipient of the Los Angeles 2011 Ford Community Green Grant.


Janet Loera
Homegirl Café
& Catering


Sarah Gaytan


Adela Juarez


Mischa Hedges
Trim Tab Media

2:00 PM
Storytelling for Sustainable Brands

Stories are how humans connect with one another. Learn how to tell stories about your staff, customers, practices, and offerings that will help you connect with your customers and supporters in a more meaningful way.

Sustainable brands can utilize video storytelling to build strong relationships with their customers and gain their trust and support, which leads to increased market share, sales and success.

Mona Holmes-Nisker
Healthy Dining in Los Angeles

3:00 PM
Social Media that Works for your Business

It doesn’t matter what your business does -- the secret to online success in social media is rooted in the social. A must for businesses that aim to incorporate social media into their busy day and reap results. Examine best practices for engaging conscious consumers and finding your voice. Get help to build your online community, shape your blog or website, and master Twitter and Facebook messages.

Mona has a passion for bringing message/brand/product to the world and is "overly obsessed" with blogging trends and metrics.

Sarah Tripp Stephan

gregory-wendt150Gregory Wendt
EP Wealth Advisors, Inc.

4:00 PM
Creative Funding to Grow Your Green Businesses

Business crowdfunding connects enthusiastic entrepreneurs with enthusiastic investors. This isn't a game-changer — it's a revolution!

Things are changing fast and there's a lot to happen with SEC rulemaking. Learn what it all means for your social enterprise, how to get noticed by investors, and what you can do right now to be ready.

Alix Davidson
Green Business Network

5:00 PM
Get Your Green Business Certification

Green America’s Green Business Certification is the trusted seal that sets you apart from your competitors and brings more customers to your door! Our Green Business Certification also provides you with an online sustainability tool that helps you measure, improve, and report on your sustainability efforts – while saving you time and money!  The certification can also be used when incorporating as a B Corporation in CA.

Los Angeles Business Seminars | Sunday Nov. 18

12:00 PM
HUB LA & Global Hub Networks: Building Local Green Communities and Social Enterprises

Learn how HUB Los Angeles and their sister HUBS around the world are creating workplaces for sustainable busineses where social and green entrepreneurs build strong local economies. Witness the design and evolution of business trends within the model and hear best practices for reaching deep sustainability. Learn how to get involved with an intentional professional community making an impact.

Elizabeth Stewart, HUB LA; Michael Cox, HUB Cities; DeKoven Ashley, Thrdplace, HUB LA

1:00 PM
The Case for B Corp Certification and Benefit Corporations

Explore how Benefit Corporations and the B Lab Certification process are impacting the California business community. Business leaders share how these structures help build a meaningful company. Find out how you can become a Benefit Corporation under the new CA law with tips on the legal structure. Learn how Green America’s Green Business Certification can be used to become a CA Benefit Corporation.


Elizabeth Topp


Shivani Siroya


Dirk Sampselle
B Revolution


Alix Davidson
Green Business Network


Jonah Mytro
Green Deals


Misha Deborah Clive
Green Business Network

3:00 PM
Grow your Sales & Reduce Expenses!

We’ll introduce tools that Green America’s Green Business Network provides small businesses in marketing and business services to focus on growing your business, including: GreenDeals, the Groupon for Greenies; the Green Marketplace; and Green America Exchange.

The Exchange is the first trade network for the green business community that helps you get what you need without spending your cash, and gives you the opportunity to find vendors within the green business community that share your values of social and environmental responsibility. Learn you can turn unsold goods and services into cash assets for your business that promote growth for the green economy -- and increase your profits.


Nayelli Gonzalez
Saatchi & Saatchi S

4:00 PM
Role Models and Innovations:  How Businesses Can Engage Latinos in Sustainability

Learn about cutting edge research and case studies on how businesses have engaged Latinos around sustainability and opportunities to engage this growing demographic in the future.

Saatchi & Saatchi S will delve into learnings for businesses from The Myth of the Sleeping Giant: Latinos in the U.S. and Sustainability Engagement.


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