Wednesday, 09 November 2011 17:49

Green America Delivers Over 100,000 Petitions to Hershey

Green America's Fair Trade director, Elizabeth O'Connell, traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania to present more than 100,000 petition signatures directly to Hershey management, demanding a fair deal for workers.

Delivering petitions to HersheyDays later, Reverse Trick-or-Treaters coast-to-coast turned out to give back Fair Trade chocolate on Halloween night, to share the message that Hershey chocolate still contributes to abusive child labor in the cocoa supply chain.

And here in DC, our corporate responsibility director Todd Larsen presented copies of the petitions to Tom Ridge, former Pennsylvania Governor, former Homeland Security Director, and current Hershey Board member.

Read about what happened when we brought the petitions to Hershey.

Local and national media covered the hand-offs (here, here, and here), putting more pressure on Hershey and spreading the Fair Trade message further.

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