Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on Green Business Network Membership
Joining the Green Business Network

How can my business join the Green Business Network®?

Join the Green Business Network here.

How do I apply for Certified Membership?

The first step is to join the Green Business Network online. You will receive an automatic message with next steps.  Learn how your business can get certified »

If my business does not qualify for Certified Membership, can I join?

Yes, we offer many benefits for your business that you can access outside of earning your certification. After you join online, you receive access to all membership benefits including our online certification assessment. We encourage you to apply for certification when your business is ready.

What are Standard Members and SRI Members?

SRI Members are financial professionals, banks, and institutions in the socially responsible / impact investing field that provide financial services. Standard Members include all other businesses and organizations.

We are a non-profit organization. Can we apply for membership?

Non-profits can apply for membership as a Standard Member. Call Felicia at (202)872-5307 to join if your organization needs a reduced rate.

Can businesses outside the United States join the Green Business Network®?

We welcome international members. Please note, not all discount and benefit programs are available to international members. Check with individual benefit providers regarding eligibility. We do not accept international credit cards over the web. Please call Member Services at (800)58-GREEN to join.

Can any kind of business join?

We do not allow businesses to join that sell or offer products and services involving tobacco, gambling, weapons, and/or military defense systems.

Member Benefits

How do I access certification, discounts, and all my membership benefits, and update my business information?

It’s easy! Log in to your private Member Portal to access all the benefits of membership, including certification. Plus update your contact information.

I have more questions about Green Business Certification.

Please see the Certification FAQ.

I forgot my username and/or password to access my Member Portal.

Go to Forgot Username / Password to retrieve your information. Enter the primary email associated with your membership. If your email has changed, contact us for assistance to update your information and provide Member Portal access.

How do I participate in webinars?

We announce upcoming webinars and seminars on the website and via email to all our members. Members can view select past webinars through the Member Portal.


How do I find out about all the marketing benefits of membership?

Learn more about marketing benefits.

How do I advertise online and/or in print?

Only Certified Members may advertise on our websites, in our email newsletters and in our publications. Learn more about Green Business Certification. Already a Certified Member? Learn how to advertise with Green America.

How do I update my listing in the print edition of the National Green Pages®?

Log in to your private Member Portal to update your listing or contact Member Services at (800)58-GREEN.

How do I update my listing on

Log in to your private Member Portal for general information about Your listing currently requires a separate account which is created for you when you join. Your Member Portal will link you to your login page, and you can also login directly at We will soon remove this secondary login with an upcoming upgrade to If you have questions, contact us.

How do I upgrade my free online listing to a Showcase Listing at

Contact us to upgrade to a Showcase Listing.

How do I upgrade my free listing in the National Green Pages® with a display ad?

Log in to your private Member Portal to upgrade your listing.

How do I obtain a mailing list of Green Business Network members?

We do not sell, rent or share our Green Business Network member list with non-members. Email addresses are never sold, rented or shared. Members in good standing may purchase a one-time use postal mailing list. For more information, contact us.