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When You Join the Green Business Network®

Whether you are an established green business or just starting to go green,
you’ll find your resources, market, and community at Green America’s Green Business Network.

Grow Your Market

Earn Green America’s trusted Green Business Certification for exclusive access to our dedicated national membership of green consumers

Support Your Mission

Support Green America’s transformative work to grow the green economy through game-changing campaigns in safe food, fair labor, clean energy, and fair finance

Save Money

Save on essential business services and connect to leading green providers for shipping, responsible credit card processing, and more

Connect & Learn

Join our nationwide community of businesses, consumers, and investors, and connect online and in-person through members-only opportunities

Grow Your Market

Get certified and gain exclusive access to Green America’s dedicated national membership. Grow your business through targeted marketing opportunities to reach committed, conscious consumers.

Get Certified

Stand out in the green marketplace with Green America’s Green Business Certification, the leading trustmark for leaders in social and environmental responsibility. Your membership includes access to our online certification platform, designed for small businesses.
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National Green Pages 2016

Reach New Customers

Over 200,000 passionate green consumers follow Green America for our world changing resources on greener living and sustainability. Your Green Business Certification gives you exclusive access to market to Green Americans through our websites, emails, and print publications, plus the nation’s leading directory for green business.
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Join the Nation's Leading Green Events

There’s no better event to reach new green customers. Exhibit at the ultimate marketplace for green products and services. Green America is a proud partner of Green Festivals, the largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event in the U.S. As a member, you’ll save 10% on exhibiting opportunities at all Green Festivals. Plus your membership gives you free tickets to attend any Green Festival in the country.
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Support Your Mission

When you join the Green Business Network, you become a member of Green America. Your membership supports the nation’s leading non-profit in growing the green economy, the marketplace for your products and services. Build more than your business—join us to build a better world.

Magnify Your Impact

While you work to grow your business, we work on your behalf to transform the way all of America does business. Green America’s proven campaigns have a huge impact: fighting toxins and GMOs; advance clean energy; expand fair trade, fair labor, and socially responsible investing; and empower consumers to take action and make greener choices. Keep up to date with your subscription to Green American Magazine—choose print or online.


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Support Green Business Awards

Green America’s People & Planet Award celebrates small, innovative green businesses that excel in social and environmental responsibility. With $60,000 in awards given out annually, we honor the best of the best with a new theme each season. Your membership supports our work to recognize green business leadership. Plus you could win $5,000 for your business!
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Take a Stand

Green America is a founding member of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC). ASBC is dedicated to bringing the voice of sustainable business to key policy issues. Through our partnership with ASBC, we work on critical public policy issues that affect our members and support a strong green economy. Stay updated on our all work. Want to get more involved? You’ll have the opportunity to take action with us.
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Save Money

Cut expenses and time when you save on essential business services and connect to leading green providers.

Save Big on Shipping


Save money on essential business services. If your business relies on shipping, you’ll save big with our UPS discount of 35%. Members who take advantage of our shipping program save much more than their annual dues on this one benefit alone.

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Salazar Packaging Inc

Green Packaging Discount

Have your packaging reflects your socially responsible business with a 10% discount on all stock products from Salazar Packaging Inc. Green Business Network members also receive one hour of free consultation (a $120 value) on custom packaging available through Salazar Packaging, Inc.


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Save 5% on your green office supplies with

Green Office Supplies features the widest selection of environmentally-friendly office products on the market, all ranked by greenness. And where green solutions won’t do or don’t exist, they offer conventional alternatives for true one-stop shopping.’s 110% Price-Match Guarantee ensures the best pricing on the market and through your Green Business Network membership, you’ll save an additional 5%.
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Save On Coffee For Your Entire Office

Grounds for Change is a family owned and operated coffee roasting business located in the Pacific Northwest. They roast their 100% Fair Trade, Organic coffee in small batches to ensure that you receive the freshest coffee possible. As a Green Business Network member you can save 20% on your coffee purchases for your office, and will keep your staff happy (and caffeinated!) at a discount. You can also set up a recurring monthly delivery so you’ll never have to worry about running out of coffee for your team again.

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More Business Services

Let us help you go greener with more business service providers. Start by switching to responsible credit card processing and save 20% through Dharma Merchant Services, and switch to socially responsible retirement plans through Social(k).


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More Discounts

  • Wind-powered web hosting through Canvas Host
  • Carbon-neutral mobile service through Credo
  • Solar installation through Sungevity (select states only)


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Exhibit, Network, Connect and Learn

Exhibit at the nation’s leading sustainability events. Join your green business peers, and get the tools you need to develop and deepen your sustainability practices while keeping up with the latest trends.


Connect to your Green Business Network of inspiring changemakers. Join our members-only Facebook Group to make new connections and partnerships, and share your inspirations and challenges with a thriving community. Regional events and call-in opportunities will bring you together with your peers as you drive the green economy forward.


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Get Resources

It’s easy to take advantage of all the benefits of membership through your private Member Portal. Access all your benefits in one place, including your Green Business Certification, your National Green Pages® listing, your business services, resources, and more. And our staff is available to help you take the next steps.

Keep up to date with the latest green business news, trends, and events through your monthly e-newsletter Connections. And access all of Green America’s guides and recent publications through your Member Portal, including your free copy of our groundbreaking report on green economy trends: The Big Green Opportunity for Small Business in the US. 

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Exhibit at Green Festivals

Join the ultimate marketplace. Green Festival® is America’s largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event. Bringing together the world’s most trusted companies, innovative brands, national and local businesses, pioneering thinkers, and conscious consumers in one place to promote the best in sustainability and green living.

Exhibit at Green Festival® Expos across the country, in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Ft. Lauderdale.  Members save 10% off exhibiting.

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Join us at Green Festivals for Green Business Seminars from Green America, plus more business programming. Hear from leading green business experts at all Green Festivals presenting on topics critical to your success, including branding, financing, and greening your business operations.
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