Green Your Retirement

rob-thomas-188wHow can you create a retirement plan that works for you and your employees, and makes a positive impact? Get connected to Social(k), the most diverse socially responsible retirement investment platform in the U.S.

Social(k) works with businesses and non-profits to offer retirement plans that reflect your company's values. Join Rob Thomas, President of Social(k), as he explains the benefits of offering socially responsible retirement options. Learn how your retirement plan can create change, attract and retain talented employees, and serve as a foundation of your company’s overall sustainable mission.

In 2005 Rob created Social(k) to offer mission driven organizations a broad selection of Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG, screened funds. The platform offers about 250-screened socially responsible funds, and more than 2000 conventional funds, to choose from, and has been welcomed by the socially responsible community.

No business is too small or too big.
Social(k) clients include:

  • Honest Tea
  • Organic Trade Association
  • Numi Tea
  • Guayaki
  • Candle 79 Restaurant
  • Sambazon
  • Presidio World College
  • Water Partners International
  • Black Rock City, LLC (coordinators
    of the Burning Man Festival)
  • Give Something Back
  • Veritable Vegetable
  • and over 200 more mission driven organizations

Are you a non-profit? Social(k) can help connect your organizational values with your employee benefits. Green America, Forestry Stewardship Council, The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), and Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity are a few of the non-profit organizations that have chosen Social(k).

Since the inception of KLD’s Domini 400 Social Index on May 1, 1990, its annualized returns of 9.14 percent have beaten the S&P 500’s annualized returns of 8.39 percent (as of July 31, 2010), proving that even in a rough year, socially responsible investing could hold its own.

Make your money work for you while being a change agent. Learn how to bring Social(k) to your business, and why ESG investing makes sense for employees of mission driven organizations.