Why Get Certified?

In 1982 Green America started helping businesses succeed by going green. We have evaluated over 8,000 small green businesses and offer one of the oldest and most comprehensive programs for small businesses committed to social and environmental responsibility.

The Green Business Certification offers tremendous value for your business. We designed GreenGain, our new online sustainability tool, to make the certification process easy and transparent for your customers. With the Green Business Certification, your customers can see exactly what you’ve accomplished.

The Green Business Certification helps you:


Maid-brigade-300 Set yourself apart from competitors

The Green Business Certification is the best way for conscious consumers to find and support authentic businesses making a difference, locally and nationally. You can display the Green America Seal online, in marketing materials, in store fronts. You can also use your Seal on product packaging.

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Help the right customers find you

Green Business Certification offers great marketing tools! As a certified green business, you receive:

  • Showcase listings in the National Green Pages® online and smart phone apps for Android and iPhone
  • Listings in the National Green Pages®, distributed to over 100,000 consumers annually
  • Exclusive access to sell coupons and discounts on GreenDeals
  • Discount on exhibit space at Green Festivals around the country
  • B2B marketing opportunities through online resources and national events

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Be radically transparent

The Green Business Certification emphasizes transparency and authenticity. Every Seal on your website or social media links to your Public Sustainability Report, which displays a summary of your responses from the certification assessment. This allows you to share your work with customers in real time, and invite customers to become your best advocates and arbiters of your sustainability achievements. We believe that transparency is about engaging your customers as much as the experts, and creating reinforcing cycles of accountability.

If your company filed as a Benefit Corporation and needs a third party performance report, your Green Business Certification fits the bill perfectly! You simply use our online assessment tool, GreenGain, to generate your Public Sustainability Report.

The new interactive Green America Seal connects to your public sustainability report. Click this seal for an example of what your report will look like.

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greengainlogoSave time and money

GreenGain, our online sustainability tool, is designed to make the Green Business Certification simple and easy. But GreenGain also acts as a project management tool, where you can measure your sustainability efforts over time and identify new ways to go green. It is a self-managed process, so you can work in real time at your own pace and prioritize projects that can save you money and time in running your business.

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We understand that small businesses rarely have extra time or money just for sustainability reporting, so we made our services simple and inexpensive. This, plus our targeted marketing benefits, make our Green Business Certification more accessible and affordable than any other certification on the market!


Green Festivals photo credit: Dan Townson