Where Can Consumers Find the Seal?

Our Green Business Certification is the best way for you to find and support small green businesses.

Green America certifies businesses that are committed to using business as a platform for social change.

We look for entrepreneurs whose hearts are in the right place, who aren’t afraid of challenging business as usual, and who are tirelessly solving social and environmental problems … by design.


Divine ChocolateWhere can I find certified businesses?

We make it easy to for you to find Green America certified businesses, both online and in stores.

  • Look for the Green America Seal on websites, marketing materials, storefronts and on product packaging
  • Browse through GreenPages.org and the iPhone and Android apps
  • Flip through the National Green Pages® sold on newsstands across the nation and check out the digital GreenPages
  • Find coupons and discounts from Green Business Certified businessesGreenDeals 
  • Meet green businesses at local Green Festivals® in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco or Washington DC

How can I learn more about a certified business?

Our green business certification not only helps you find green businesses, it puts information about their environmental and social practices right at your fingertips.

Each Green America Seal online is connected to the company’s Public Sustainability Report, which displays a summary of their environmental and social practices. Click on any Green America Seal online to open the Public Sustainability Report. The report updates in real time, so you can watch how they improve their work over time.

See a sample of the Public Sustainability Report. Click on the Green America Seal:

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Where can I leave feedback about a certified business?

We believe assurance is about engaging the community as much as the experts, and about bringing accountability out in the open. As a consumer, you are the best advocates and arbiters of any business, so we want your feedback! There are numerous ways to share your experiences, both positive and negative, about a certified business:

Reviews and Ratings

Contact Us

Send us an email. We will follow-up on your complaint or pass along the praise.


Complaint Process

When Green America receives a complaint about one of the members of the Green Business Network, we want to make sure we follow-up quickly to resolve any issues. Fortunately, most of these complaints can be worked out through direct conversations with the complainant and the company. For more complicated cases, Green America follows these steps:

  1. Gathers information from the complainant.
  2. Sends a letter to the company describing the process and timeline, and the specific concerns of the complaint(s).
  3. Reviews all information received from the company and conducts any additional research and interviews as needed.
  4. Presents all the information to the Standards Committee for review and recommended action.
  5. Shares all information with Green America’s Board of Directors for a final decision.


Can I nominate a green business?

Help us grow the green economy by nominating your favorite green business to be a member of Green America's Green Business Network. With your nomination we can connect consumers to one more green business that is challenging business as usual. Together, we can show how a mobilized group of independent small businesses and consumers can create real social change.

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