Standards Open For Comment

Standards Development Process

Green America staff members who sit on our Standards Committee are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the certification program. The Standards committee conducts company reviews at the Gold Certification level and guides the ongoing standards revisions process. The Committee reports directly to the Green America Board of Directors.

The Standards Committee begins the standards review process by conducting an internal review of an industry sector. Once the internal review is complete, the Committee collects input from the appropriate Industry Sector Taskforce. The Committee incorporates their revisions and makes a draft available online for public comment.

Public Comment Period

The public comment period for industry standards revisions are open to the public for 30 days. After the public comment period closes, the Standards Committee reviews comments and shares with the Industry Sector Taskforce. Once the review is complete, the Standards Committee prepares a final draft for approval by the Certification Advisory Board.

Green Business Network members, non-members, individuals, and other organizations are encouraged to submit comments collectively.

There are no standards currently open for comment. Please check back for our next round of standards review.