Alternative Currency Spotlight: Berkshire Bucks

Green America is not the only organization seeking new solutions to our economic situation.  The alternative currency Berkshire Bucks has been making waves for years!


Berkshire Bucks are an alternative currency that was launched in 2006 in Western Massachussets.  First created by the non-profit the E.F. Schumacher Society, Berkshires continue to grow in populatirty.  To date 2.7 million have been circulated and over four hundred business accept them.

Berkshire Bucks make sense as they encourage people to spend their money locally and also give the consumer a five percent discount.  Thus, when you go to bank to exchange cash for Berkshires you recieve 105 Berkshire for every 100 dollars of normal currency.  

Today four different banks with a total of thirteen branches accept Birkshires and the future of the currency looks bright.  Future innovation may include ATMs for Berkshires and a loan program.  Like the Green America Exhcange this alternative currency helps show the way toward creating an economic system that rewards sustainable, local, and bottom-up economic activity.