One Earth Film Festival 2018: March 2-11 in Chicago

One Earth Film Festival 2018: March 2-11 in Chicago

One Earth Film Festival—the Midwest’s premier environmental film fest—returns March 2-11 in Chicago.

Featuring 30 films at 50 locations throughout Chicagoland and neighboring suburbs, the festival offers people of all ages and backgrounds opportunities to engage in this year’s theme—“This Is the Moment.” The theme encourages participants to use this moment to learn, find your voice, collaborate, and take action.

Green America will be there!

Anna Meyer, Green America’s Food Campaigns Director, will be featured on the Q&A panel after the film Wasted—a documentary about food waste—to discuss solutions and opportunities for action.

Space is limited so get your tickets today (admission $7).

Sunday, March 4th, 3-5:30pm
Haymarket Pub & Brewery, 737 W. Randolph Street, Chicago

Prior to the showing of Wasted, from 1:30-2:45pm, we’ll also be hosting a casual gathering of Green America friends and members at the Haymarket Pub & Brewery. PLEASE RSVP to Kathy Harget ([email protected]; 202-872-5330) if you plan to attend!

We hope you can join us on Sunday, March 4th—and every day of the One Earth Film Festival—for beautiful, award-winning documentary films, rich discussions with trained facilitators and expert panelists, and one-on-one access to partners from your community who can connect you to local and meaningful action.

See you in Chicagoland!

Plant-Based Investing: An Emerging Investment Strategy For Vegans

Plant-Based Investing: An Emerging Investment Strategy For Vegans

An increasing number of both institutional and individual investors are aligning their investment dollars with their values. Whether you use the term “SRI (Socially Responsible Investing),” “impact investing,” “green investing,” or “ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) investing” — this approach to investing totaled $8.72 trillion in assets under professional management in the United States alone as of 2016 according to the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investing. Socially responsible investing strategies continue to evolve to reflect new concerns and heightened values that investors seek to integrate with their investment decisions.  (more…)

Thank you, Green Festivals, for Sixteen Years of Building the Green Economy

Thank you, Green Festivals, for Sixteen Years of Building the Green Economy

In 2002, Green America (then Co-op America) and Global Exchange launched a new, visionary, and exciting event to build the green economy that quickly spread from coast to coast. Our idea was weekend-long celebrations, Green Festivals, to introduce people to the purpose, products, services, and impacts of an economy that truly works for people and the planet. For those already committed to green living, Green Festivals provided even more inspiration, opportunity, and information to help them take further steps to green their homes, communities, and workplaces. (more…)

Charlottesville: We need to take action against hate

Charlottesville: We need to take action against hate

The horrifying events over the weekend in Charlottesville are just the latest events demonstrating the rise of hate in the United States.

White supremacists marched through the streets and the University of Virginia, wielding torches and explicitly aligning themselves with Nazis and the KKK, shouting racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-immigrant slogans on Friday.  On Saturday, the white nationalists and supremacists engaged in violence against counter-protesters.  A man, who is believed to be part of a white supremacist group, drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one and injuring many. Police arrested a suspect, who faces a hearing on August 14.

These events are shocking, and they are just the latest in a growing series of hateful attacks against people of color, women, immigrants, Jews, and Muslims. Just a week before, the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington was bombed, and is part of a growing series of hate crimes against Muslims. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has reported that hate crimes against Muslims in 2017 increased 91 percent compared to the same period in 2016.

The lack of an appropriate response to these events from the Trump administration is also deeply disturbing, especially since a number of white nationalists and supremacists explicitly cite the administration as encouraging their behavior.  In response to the horror in Charlottesville, President Trump condemned the violence “from many sides,” instead of calling out the white nationalists and supremacists.  In response to the mosque bombing in Minnesota, the president has been silent, and White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, has suggested the attack was actually a fake.

With the White House failing to address hate, and actually acting as a driver of it,  it is up to us to take action to support people who are under attack.

Vigils are being organized across the country in response to the violence in Charlottesville.  Please join one of them to stand against hate.

And, take action in favor of acceptance, and support immigrants, religious minorities, and people of color in your communities every day. Green America’s weekly Resistance Summer actions will help you find actions you can take as a community member and with your dollars, for example, supporting minority and immigrant owned businesses.

Together, we can take action to create a country that is open and accepting.

Green Business Network Members: We Want to Hear From You

Please use this form to raise your business voice against hate and for a society that respects all people. We will share your company’s statement in an updated version of this post.