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The Green Business Network is deeply grateful for our Green Business Leaders, the select group of companies who generously give above and beyond their membership dues.

Leaders make special gifts to advance Green America’s mission of building a more just and sustainable world. These resources are dedicated to growing the green economy through supporting our work to serve green businesses nationwide, the driving engine of innovation towards an economy based on social and environmental stewardship.

Here’s our roll call of green economy movers and shakers:

Alter Eco

Alter Eco is a values-based brand of specialty food products that brings sustainable, delicious, exotic, and healthy ingredients from around the world to people here in the United States and Canada for their delight and enjoyment, while directly benefiting farming communities in the Global South.

Amber Lotus

Amber Lotus publishes calendars, cards, journals, books and wisdom decks that have heart and soul, that illuminate spirit in the world, that promote wholeness, healthy lifestyles and earth stewardship. Amber Lotus’s products focus on the diversity of world cultures and sacred traditions as well as the inspiration and beauty of the natural world.

American College of Healthcare Sciences

ACHS launched in the United States in 1989 and became the first accredited completely online college offering holistic health education, with certificate, diploma, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs. ACHS fosters competence, professionalism, and cooperation in holistic healthcare and works to preserve and share knowledge in natural medicine.

Blue Fish Clothing

Blue Fish Clothing uses organic fibers, recycled cottons, and other natural fibers such as hemp, linen, and silk blends to make artisan-created, hand-printed clothing collections. Since 1995, Blue Fish has used organic cotton to create unique clothing that’s better for people and planet, cutting out the harmful impacts of traditional cotton agriculture.

Candle Cafe

Candle Cafe is dedicated to Bettering the health of the individual and the planet by serving food fresh from farm to table. Candle Cafe’s organic vegan cuisine is rooted in sustainability, eco-friendly practices, local farming, and compassion for animals.


ChicoBag Company is equipping humanity with tools that will help eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use paper and plastic bags. ChicoBag has done this by designing reusable totes, packs and lifestyle totes that are durable, tasteful and most importantly unforgettable.


Clothcrafters Catalog has been serving home products customers since 1978. All of Clothcrafters’ home products carry the same guarantee against defective workmanship that our industrial/commercial products carry.

Collective Copies

Collective Copies is a worker-owned collective and union shop. Collective Copies is locally owned, not part of a park-paving, pocket-padding, power-pandering corporate chain. Collective Copies donate 10% of its profits each year in response to requests from student/youth groups, organizations and individuals. Collective Copies only uses recycled paper and offers a selection of tree-free alternatives like 100% pcw and sugarcane.

Dharma Merchant Services

Dharma Merchant Services is a sustainable, socially responsible provider of merchant services and payment processing accounts for both businesses and non-profits. Dharma serves the environment and global communities through “commerce with compassion,” dedicating 50% of net profits to charitable organizations that care for sick, underprivileged, underrepresented and exploited people, animals and land.

Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate is made with the finest cocoa from farmers in Ghana who co-own the company. The Kuapa Kokoo farmers’ cooperative in Ghana has a 45% stake in the UK business and 33% stake in the US.

Earth Creations

Earth Creations combines clay dyeing with organic and sustainable fibers to create eco-friendly, made-in-the-USA fashion for the whole family, from Dirt Shirt to casual clothes. Earth Creations works to give back to the community in meaningful ways, helping out good causes and supporting environmental efforts.


Earth-Kind develops and manufactures naturally-efficient solutions to indoor rodent and odor control for farm, home, auto, RV, marine, and industrial uses. Earth-Kind’s products offer consumers and businesses choices that are safer and more effective than their toxic counterparts.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby® is the only complete line of non-toxic, hospital recommended, organic and natural herbal products and USDA Certified 100% Organic teas specifically formulated to support women throughout the common discomforts of childbirth, from pregnancy through postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, baby care and even the loss of a baby.

Effect Partners

Effect Partners leads their expanding network of partners through a process that embeds sustainability into the foundation of their brands, translating sustainability into increased profits. Effect Marketing™ centers on the quantified social impact which grows brands in both the short and long term by authentically building brand attributes and increasing brand loyalty.

Flower Essence Services

Flower Essence Services (FES) produces hand-crafted organic, biodynamic flower essences and herbal health and beauty products that bridge body and soul. FES is a small company with a huge heart, big ethics, and a desire to share the beauty and science of flower essences with the world.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op

Frontier Natural Products Co-op specializes in natural and organic products. Frontier Natural Products offers easy access to high-quality, competitively priced choices that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Frontier Natural Products seeks to lead the way in bringing nature and peace of mind to the customers.

Global Crafts

Global Crafts is proud to be members of The Fair Trade Federation and The World Fair Trade Organization. Global Crafts’ mission is to offer income-generating opportunities to craftspeople in developing countries by following fair trade practices including paying in advance at least the market price for items, ensuring that craftspeople receive payment, and ensuring that the craftspeople work in fair working conditions.

Grounds For Change

Grounds for Change is a family owned and operated coffee roasting business located in the Pacific Northwest. Grounds for Change roasts its 100% Fair Trade, Organic coffee in small batches to ensure the freshest coffee possible. All of Grounds for Change’s coffee is Fair Trade Certified by IMO.

Have Thumbs Will Travel

Have Thumbs Will Travel brings on-site massage and professional alternative health practitioners to your home, event or office. Dependable, courteous professionals provide sessions which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Honest Tea

Honest Tea seeks to create and promote great-tasting, truly healthy, organic beverages. In addition to creating a healthy alternative beverage with a lot less sugar than most bottled drinks, Honest Tea seeks to create honest relationships with its employees, suppliers, customers and with the communities in which Honest Tea does business.

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen®, a Chico, CA family-owned company, was the first to create reusable water bottles that are safe, lightweight and made from high quality stainless steel. A certified B Corporation and member of 1% For The Planet, Klean Kanteen, not only makes safe, eco-friendly water bottles, but also maintains high levels of oversight at their facilities in China to ensure that their factories meet environmental and fair labor standards.

Lunapads International

Lunapads International is a women-owned and operated social mission-based business based in Vancouver, Canada. Lunapads International’s goal is to help individuals have healthier and more positive experiences of their menstrual cycles, and by extension, their bodies overall.

Maggie's Organics

Maggie’s Organics was founded in 1992 on the premise that clothing should be durable, attractive, and affordable, while made using environment-sustaining materials and methods as well as treating workers with dignity.

Mary's Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers is a line of delicious gourmet snacks that unite taste appeal with satisfying nutrition. Loaded with whole grains and nutritious ingredients, Mary’s Gone Crackers are organic, kosher and gluten-free and contain no added oils, trans-fats, sugar or dairy. While many gluten-free foods lack in flavor and texture, Mary’s Gone Crackers provides a uniquely tasty and mouth-pleasing option.


Naturepedic specializes in the design and manufacturing of quality organic mattresses for infants, toddlers, children and adults that promote natural and organic materials, a non-toxic design, fire-safety, and overall health & safety. Naturepedic has a large and growing network of retail outlets across the country and abroad.

New Alternatives Fund

New Alternatives Fund is the first environmental mutual fund and the first mutual fund with a significant concentration in alternative energy. New Alternatives Fund seeks to be affirmatively socially responsible and uses five socially conscious federally insured banks and credit unions for holding cash.

New Resource Bank

New Resource Bank is a triple-bottom-line bank serving values-driven businesses and nonprofits that are building a more sustainable world. We see money as an agent of positive social, environmental and economic change and believe banking can transform the economy into one that serves all people and the planet. We put deposits to work for good by lending to organizations that benefit our communities and preserve our planet.


Nutiva is an innovative leader in the organic superfood industry since 1999. Nutiva’s purpose is to produce the highest quality organic superfoods, providing superior nutritional value to the customers while supporting sustainable agricultural practices and a fair return to the farmers on whom it depends.

Only Natural Pet Store

Only Natural Pet Store is the leading online source for natural, organic, and eco-friendly supplies and holistic health care info for dogs and cats. All of the products offered for sale at Only Natural Pet Store are of the highest quality and made of natural ingredients.

Redwood Hill Farm

Redwood Hill Farm is an award-winning, Grade A goat dairy farm and creamery located in Sonoma County, California. Committed to making the best tasting and least processed artisan goat cheese, yogurt and kefir, Redwood Hill Farm’s family-owned and operated company uses solar power to sustainably produce all its goat products. Redwood Hill Farm proudly became the nation’s first Certified Humane® goat dairy in 2005.

Salazar Packaging

Salazar Packaging is a leading supplier of eco friendly custom printed, branded packaging products in the country. Salazar Packaging serves hundreds of both very large and very small companies who did not have to choose between saving money and doing the right thing in terms of the environment.

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co. has one of the largest selections of bulk herbs, teas and spices in the U.S. today. San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co. offers well over 1000 different medicinal botanicals, culinary herbs & spices, essential oils, fragrance oils, botanical extracts & tinctures, encapsulated herbs in single herb as well as customer blends.

SMB Essentials

SMB Essentials is an ecobeauty, skin care, grooming and nutritional supplements products company. SMB Essentials created the brands: Lotus Moon, Plain Jane Beauty, DetoxRx and SON to address the natural and organic skincare, grooming and wellness needs of women and men. SMB Essentials applies the principles of sustainability, its passion for beautiful skin and whole body wellness in the products to ensure that they are safe for our bodies and the planet.

Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals is passionate about passing along the centuries-old wisdom of how to use them. Every tea and herbal product that Traditional Medicinals makes has sufficient evidence of safety, quality and efficacy in support of its claim statements and formulation rationale.

West Paw Designs

West Paw Design believes in providing the best for your pet while balancing what is right for our environment. West Paw Design searches high and low for the best, most sustainable material there is to offer by using recyclable and organic material in its bedding and toys.


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